Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Why Eyebrow Threading is the Best Way for Facial Hair Removal

Taking care of the eyebrows is one perfect way of enhancing beauty while also increasing personal confidence. While there are several modern methods to this end, the popularity of one ancient technique keeps rising in the midst of all the new alternatives. Eyebrow threading as a hair removal method has been used for quite a long time maybe for centuries, and it sounds strange that many still prefer it today. Well, it is definitely for all the right reasons.

Eyebrow Threading Marylebone

To begin with, the origin of eyebrow threading can be traced back to India and other parts of Asia. So, it is interesting that it has been embraced widely in the UK at the moment. If you have no idea what all this is all about, keep reading. The technique makes use of a thin cotton thread which twined twofold and rolled over the skin. Unwanted hair is systematically secured in the thread and pulled out of the follicle carefully.

The procedure can be scary by the sound of it, but in reality, it stands as a fantastic way for eyebrow grooming with several selling points over contemporary options. As compared to tweezing or waxing eyebrow threading takes precision to another level. In the hands of an expert, the thread is also used a ruler giving a perfectly outlined brow.

Again, unlike the alternatives, this technique does not invade the skin in any way. For this reason, it remains the most ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. Usually, a single hair strand is removed at a time with utmost finesse hence there is less chance of interfering with the skin. And because no chemical products are involved throughout the procedure, it presents no threat of discomfort or irritation.

The efficiency and perfect execution this option is known for makes it superior as compared to any other formula. Since hair is taken out from the roots, the well-defined edges you get in the end will last long. In essence, you will be saved from regular salon trips which mean less expense with more beauty.

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